Our End of Project Book Launch (on Zoom, of course)

Some of the contributors to our anthology of short stories to commemorate VE75

All good things must come to an end, and what an end we had to our VE75 Creative Writing Workshops in partnership with Trafford Libraries and thanks to funding from Arts Council England. Earlier this month we held an online book launch of our VE75 Anthology where a number of new writers showcased their work by reading out extracts of their own story.

This project began over the summer of 2020 when we ran three courses, each lasting for 8 weeks, with the good people living in Trafford, guiding them on the basics of writing and with an outcome to write a short story along the theme of World War Two to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

And the long and the short of it is that 23 new writers have now been published for the first time in our anthology. Not only have they received a free copy but copies will also be added to the catalogue of books at Trafford Libraries.

We have now have new stories about war, friendships, families, regrets, hopes and memories of that era. Some of these stories are based on true life family accounts, some are based on stories they were told as children and some are completely fictional.

Copies of the Anthologies

It was lovely to meet up with everyone again and listen to their stories come alive. But there is no full stop for these new writers. To the contrary, they are simply turning the pages over and looking at new stories to write with a proposal to set up a writers group and, for some of them, to continue writing stories.

Well done everyone, you made me very proud, as you should be too.

Published by heariamwarrington

Hi, I am a local author and the principal of Read Now Write Now. We run creative writing workshops for adults and children in the northwest of England. We are currently working with Your Livewire in Warrington to run creative writing and storytelling workshops in their libraries.

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